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DJ Name: 2. Sonja
B├╝rgerlicher Name: 3.  


4. Biographie

Sonja started to be interested in electronic music during her studies at the Free University Berlin in 2007. For the first time she encountered the pure minimal sound in Berlin clubs; the sound not heard before in her homeland, in the Czech Republic. After coming back from Germany she began learning to mix and she met the dj equipment. Her first gigs were held in 2008. Since then she has been performing at many parties presenting actual minimal and tech-house. She enjoyed a great success with her performance at the Czech electronic music festival Hradhouse. She also mixes her promo sets regularly. Among the most downloaded ones are the first promo Aus Berlin (September 2008) and From the Beginning (September 2010). Sonja is the resident dj at the party Minimal people in Touster club in Prague. Very often she plays in some other (not only) Prague clubs like Chapeau Rouge, Panama Club (here she played e.g. at the party with Jeff Milligan), Yes Club (here she played e.g. with Piemont) and many more. In early 2011 she started to produce. Her first tracks ChaPiano and DaFly were created in cooperation with dj and producer Marconi. In future she plans to devote more time for production. Expect dj and production activities is Sonja since January 2010 a headeditor of the biggest CZ website about electronic music



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