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DJ Name: 2. Olivier Weiter
B├╝rgerlicher Name: 3.  


4. Biographie

Olivier Weiter House music's very own shaman
It yet has to be proved Olivier Weiter is a future foreseeing shaman, but taking an audience into rapture is already one of this unique performer's qualities. His productions and DJ sets take the listener by the hand, leading them through different facets house music has to offer.
Deeply rooted in the underground Olivier Weiter has grown out to an est
ablished name in Dutch nightlife. His own Bar27 parties have grown out to infamous events, also his sets at Cocoon, Time Warp NL, Mystery Land and Sensation turned into lively shows. Meanwhile, Weiter is also a more than welcome guest in Berlin, where he's already brought lots of warmth and solidarity with his renowned marathon DJ sessions.
Olivier Weiter gigs are always interspersed with rolling drum rhythms and melodic dreamy records, leaving the urge to raise your hands to the sky almost overpowering. Just as diverse as his DJ sets also his productions feature exhilarating rhythms alternated with some atmospheric sounds. Always open for new innovations Weiter is constantly working to extend and evolve his personal sound.



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